Our Coffee, Our Journey

We work in partnership with associations of small scale coffee farmers in Haiti to grow the best Arabica beans, then roast them in the US, for a smooth cup of coffee! You are the backbone that allows us transform these communities. The decisions you make every day about your purchases can make a fair and dignified income possible for Haiti's coffee growers. We strive to provide you with an easy and carefree shopping experience. Grab your coffee, and enjoy the ride!

Best Sellers

Organic Haitian Coffee Medium Roast$10.00

Caribbrew is dedicated to providing the finest shade grown, chemical-free Arabica coffee. Our coffee is grown by small scale farmers in Haiti and ...

Coconut Rum - Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub$10.00

Coconut Rum- Your gateway to the Caribbrean - Pure indulgence!   Our coffee scrubs have exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties that may impro...

Mango Mandarin Haitian Coffee Scrub$15.00

Green coffee is an antioxidant powerhouse! Contains more antioxidants than roasted coffee, full of anti-aging properties.  Mango Mandarin - Sweet, ...

12 count Caribbrew Medium Roast Kcups$15.00

The same great coffee, now offered in Kcups for your convenience.

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