When you buy from us, you make a difference. Haitian coffee, a sacred tradition our coffee



Coffee has been for a long time the backbone of Haiti's agricultural economy. Especially in the 1770’s when the French traded Haiti's coffee throughout Europe. Haitian coffee has been untouched by chemicals and grown by small associations of coffee growers. Our coffee beans are meticulously picked and roasted on demand for a fresh Cup


Recently our coffee production has declined due to the Natural catastrophes and the erosion that have devastated the island.

Unwilling to let go of our coffee, here at Caribbrew, we work in partnership with associations of small scale coffee farmers in Haiti to grow the best Arabica beans, shade grown at high elevation, then meticulously  roasted in small batches To ensure freshness and quality! it is a strong coffee with a full body and little acidity, full of flavor and no bitter after-taste! A real treat!




We are committed to fair business partnerships. Your purchases create income, provide better access to education, and contribute to strengthening communities. 

We provide technical assistance and a revolving no-interest loan fund to our partners, aka our farmers. The decisions you make every day about your purchases can make a fair and dignified income possible for Haiti's coffee growers.



  • We pride ourselves in providing the best service to our customers, retail and wholesale.
  • We offer customized options for both our sample and full size items at wholesale prices to wholesale customers.
  • We deliver to coffee shops, specialty retail stores, subscription boxes, non-profit organisations and more.
  • Whatever you need we can work with you

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